Peck's 5 Principles

A Guide to Strengthening Relationships

1. Relationships are the greatest determinant of your health, happiness, and success. Do not leave your relationships to chance.

Develop a strategy for your life.

Devote 20% of your time to your relationships.

Select your friends wisely. You become a reflection.


2. Your brain can only manage so many relationships. Invest your time where it matters most, with the people closest to you.

Inner Circle: 5 people, connect once a week

Close Friends: 15, once a month

Friends: 50, once a quarter

Casual friends: 150, once or twice a year (numbers are cumulative)


3. Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Build it through consistent behavior:





4. Human emotions are transmitted primarily through the face. Do things with other people or connect via video when you can’t be together.

In-person, video, sound, handwriting then text

Understand gender differences

Men generally relate through shared activity

Women generally relate through conversation 


5. Your happiness is dependent upon the happiness you bring to others. Understand what your friends like to do and share it with them.

Interests and activities


Important events and people in their lives