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What We Do For You and Your Relationships

This is a partial list. If it strengthens relationships and we are able to fulfill your request, we always strive to do so.

  • Identify your authentic social network (+ professional if pro subscriber)

  • Bucket your friends into science-based groups based on the closeness and value of the relationship

  • Identify the activities and interests of your friends so you can interact with them in the most meaningful way

  • Schedule activities with friends at a frequency consistent with their closeness

  • Coordinate schedules with friends

  • Track key dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and help you recognize them in a meaningful way

  • Track each activity and what you want to remember about each relationship and interaction

  • Suggest, purchase and ship gifts, if desired

  • Make restaurant reservations and personal arrangements including special tables and pre-ordering items

  • Tracking the dietary and drink preferences of your friends

  • Proactively search upcoming events for opportunities to connect

  • Purchase event tickets

  • Keep your calendar up to date with relationship-related activity

  • Arrange babysitting

  • Arrange transportation

  • Coordinate other relationship-related logistics

  • Keep all attendees up to date on arrangements

  • Plan vacations

  • Monitor social media activity to keep you informed

  • Understand your travel schedule so you can take the opportunity to connect with friends around the world

  • RSVP to invitations

  • Maintain contact details

  • Track and schedule follow-ups after activities

  • Provide education and coaching on relationship building

  • We do not share any personal information without specific permission from you