How does this work? How do I get started?
We start with an assessment to learn about your current situation and where you have the greatest desire to change. Once completed, we’ll reach out to you to schedule your first appointment with your coach. Your coach will work with you to develop a plan, starting with the area where you likely to have the most significant immediate positive impact on your life.
What services are included?

​There are four basic programs in Peck. Depending on what offer you choose, we’ll work to help you with each of these dimensions.

Purpose: We help you uncover your purpose or calling, the values most important to you and help you align your behavior with them.

Equilibrium: We help you develop a routine that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit for sustained performance while enabling you to get into the flow so you work in deeply focused bursts for maximum effectiveness.


Connection: We help you identify the relationships that are most important to you, then develop a connection plan tailored for each relationship. Each week we will work with you to develop a schedule and take care of all the logistics, including event planning, finding tickets, arranging transportation, making reservations, and recommending gifts to allow you to focus on deeper connections.


Knowing: We help you to act in full awareness and consciousness, consistent with your purpose and values. Our goal is to get you to focus on one thing at a time, living intentionally in the present moment, which will unleash your potential and lead to a more joyful life. It is the most liberating step you can take.

​Why does Peck cost this much?

With Peck, you have access to talented professionals that are dedicated to helping you. We believe that the world is lacking a human touch and that it is going to take real, authentic human interaction to solve it. So while we use technology in the background, we believe in listening, understanding, and intentional actions over algorithms that try to impute your behavior. We also believe that paying each member for our team fairly for their contribution is vitally important to Peck as a company and to society as a whole. 

How do I get in touch with my coach or concierge? 

Video calls, phone, SMS, chat, or email all work for communication. We prefer to start with video calls to more rapidly build a relationship of trust. If desired, you can schedule a recurring appointment with your coach and/or your concierge. If you have an emergent issue and your team is not available, we’ll connect you with someone who can help you immediately.


What is unique about Peck?

Peck in an integrated program that brings together all elements of your well-being. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to develop a program that is tailored to you. You are supported by a team, real people working together, for a holistic approach. You are supported at both ends – help to take a more strategic approach to your life and with the tactics of overcoming the challenges that you face each day. We’ll enable you to be authentic to your true self and establish more authentic relationships with the people you care about, facilitated by technology, not dominated by it.

Is my information confidential?

Completely. We don’t share any information with anyone without your explicit permission. We will never profit from your personal data.


​What is the science behind your approach?

Please check out these select references to see some of the research Peck draws upon. 

The foundation of our Purpose program is the positive psychology work of Martin Seligman. We also rely on the work of some of the greatest philosophers and thought leaders such as Victor Frankl, Clayton Christensen, Harold Kushner, Angela Duckworth, and Daniel Pink.

Equilibrium brings together the latest research on circadian rhythms, rest, the impact of stress, and happiness on our health. Formation of healthy habits uses B.J.Fogg’s behavioral design approach to help with the establishment of tiny behaviors that eventually make a huge difference.

For Connection, Robin Dunbar (Oxford University) has done extensive research on the anatomy of friendship and its importance in our lives. He identified the number of relationships we can maintain, the intensity of our various social circles, and the investment required to maintain them. Nicholas Christakis (Harvard)  and James Fowler (UC, San Diego) describe the power of social networks and how happiness and emotion spread. Rober Waldinger’s Harvard Study of Adult Development is the most comprehensive study of relationships and their impact on our health and happiness. We bring this work and other research together in a holistic way to create a program centered around you, optimizing your relationships and well-being.

Knowing is based on both spiritual guides, philosophers, and scientists. It builds upon the work of Eckart Tolle, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and others.


​Do I need to use any particular program or software to work with you?

​This is a holistic approach that is not dependent on any tool. We have recommendations if you need them, but our program works with pen and paper or any software solution that you are using. We have suggestions to fill in any gaps. It’s the approach that is unique