PECK's Relationship Management App

Want to do it yourself? Use our web app to apply the science behind great relationships in your life

Introducing an easy-to-use relationship app that will enhance the most important element in your life: the people that mean the most to you.

Connection Schedule

We prioritize the most important people and make sure you stay connected

Your True Social Network

We help you organize your relationships so you pay attention to who matters most

Important Reminders

Anniversary? Mom’s Birthday? Never miss a special day again.

Meaningful Moments

We’ll help you remember the special times you spend with friends and family

Know Your Friends

We’ll track your friends’ interests, preferences, and interactions so you connect with them in the most meaningful way

Make it Easy

Reservations. Transportation. Tickets. Gifts. We take care of the logistics so you can focus on deep connections.

Your connection to friends and family is the most important factor in your health and happiness.

  • The richness of your relationships is a better predictor of your health than your cholesterol level.

  • Your brain can only manage so many relationships. The closer they are, the greater the investment required to sustain them. 

  • Approach your personal life with the same commitment you apply to your professional one. It’s actually more important for long-term happiness.

With Peck, you get:

Technology and Science that Work for You

Peck applies the science behind relationships and guides you to strengthen them.

An easy to use app to keep track of your important relationships

See your relationships at a glance and make your investments where they matter most

Deeper Connection & Understanding

We take care of the planning so you can connect and be in the moment with your closest friends

Time is your most precious resource.

Peck is here to help you connect. 

No contracts and a 30-day

money-back guarantee.

Peck Connect App

Relationship Management App



A do-it-yourself web app that applies PECK's relationship science to your life

Understand your circles of friendship

Never miss holidays and special events

Remember your meaningful moments and friends' interest so you connect more meaningfully